Foundation Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program began with the 1993/94 academic year.  Since that time 173 scholarships totaling $161,100 have been awarded to students.  Click here for an historical list of our scholarship winners.  The funding for scholarships comes from investment income/interest from the Foundation’s scholarship endowment account.

Colleges included in the Scholarship Program are:

  • UNL College of Ag Sciences & Natural Resources – incoming and upper class students majoring in agribusiness or agricultural economics
  • Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) at Curtis – students majoring in agribusiness or ag production systems

Student eligibility is restricted to sons/daughters of a parent/legal guardian who has been an active member, director, or employee for at least the prior three years of a cooperative which has been a member in good standing of the Council for at least five years. Scholarship committees at UNL and NCTA make the selection of recipients based on criteria established for each scholarship. The Foundation only verifies local cooperative affiliation and Council membership requirements.


2016/17 Academic Year…

Scholarship recipients were announced via statewide news release on June 22, 2016.


2017/18 Academic Year…

For the 2017/18 academic year, the NCCEF will award one $2,500 Robert C. Andersen scholarship and six $2,500 Michael S. Turner scholarships at UNL.  In addition, one $1,500 Michael S. Turner scholarship will be awarded at NCTA.

Promotional materials were forwarded to member cooperatives, UNL and NCTA in early December 2016.  These materials can also be accessed below:

The deadline to submit scholarship applications was April 15, 2017.  Recipients will be announced in mid-June 2017.